Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Improve Workplace Productivity with Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Anyone who runs a company knows that time equals money. Employee productivity is essential if managers want to make a profit, but many bosses wonder what they can do to ensure that the workers they hire will get the job done in a timely manner. According to a recent study, pre-employment drug screening has the ability to increase overall productivity in business of all sizes. This may be due to the ability to weed out potential employees who would have ended up wasting a company's time by being late, claiming workers compensation more often or missing work completely.

In order for an employee to be productive, he or she has to actually show up for work. Absenteeism can be a big problem, especially when a manager is relying on someone to complete a task. Substance abusers are more likely not to attend work than those who do not use drugs or alcohol. When interviewing candidates for a position, managers may not be able to tell whether someone is an addict. However, pre-employment drug screening can provide that information, which can help bosses avoid hiring someone who may not come in to work on a regular basis.

With a drug testing policy in place, employers are also more likely to see workforce performance improve. Those who choose to abuse drugs may find it very difficult to focus on the task at hand, which can cause a serious downturn in productivity. Their poor performance could result in the loss of business or money. The inability to focus can also impact judgement, which can make it difficult for an employee to decide what the most important thing is to be working on at the moment. By implementing drug screening at the outset of employment, managers can ensure that they hire workers who can produce quality work.

In workplaces where heavy machinery or equipment is used regularly, drug abuse can be an especially dangerous issue. Workplace accidents involving drugs can result in huge workers compensation claims that can cause a business to go under. Testing employees for drug use can help cut down on the chances of a serious accident that could cause bodily or property harm. It is important that all employees are protected, and pre-employment drug testing can keep everyone safe from someone who may make poor decisions while on the job.

Productivity is very important when it comes to running a business, especially if you want to prevent absenteeism and employee turnover. To get more information about pre-employment testing in San Diego, please visit this website.

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